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Me Como.
It's Portuguese for 'Me Like'.
I'm in advertising (who isn't) and this is an archive of creativity to inspire me in work and life.


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Brothers in Arms Charity - Bank Job. As great ads go this one is a stand out. So simple yet so clever.

Dead island 2 game trailer. Another cool trailer for Dead Island. The DI1 trailer promised so much more than the first instalment delivered. Hopefully DI2 is a bit more engaging.

Source: laughingsquid:

‘Dead Island 2′ Video Game Announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014

The Crew - from Miami to LA. Not really interested in this game but as far as trailers go for racing games, this is beautifully done.

Tom Clancy’s The Division - Take Back New York Trailer. Wow, this teaser gave me goosebumps. Having played the Last of Us on PS3 and eagerly awaiting a replay on PS4 I’m looking for titles that can create more compelling storylines. This looks like a frontrunner. The scissorlift at 2:49 looked like a shout out to Watchdogs. Ubisoft, take my money.

Rainbow 6 - Siege. Ubisoft has never really been on my radar but after Watchdogs and the teaser for The Division these guys have quality titles. This looks like another one.

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare ‘Induction’. Official gameplay video of the next COD title by Sledgehammer games. The gameplay looks like it belongs in Killzone rather than COD so this installment may end up a disappointment. Must admit though, the graphics look amazing.


GoPro Video of a Mountain Biker Riding Over Staircases and Through Alleyways in Taxco, Mexico

Friskies - Dear Kitten. Sweet and cleverly written pet food ad.

Source: laughingsquid:

‘Dear Kitten’, A Cute Friskies Ad Narrated by Ze Frank About an Adult Cat Welcoming a New Kitten to His Home


‘Today’, A Short Observational Documentary About Day-to-Day Life in a New Zealand Rest Home


See the Internet in real-time here.


Hanging billboard - Seatbelt saves lives.


There is a good chance that Google will be giving away some Project Tango tablets at Google I/O next month.

"Google reportedly is developing a 7-inch tablet that incorporates Project Tango, the company’s experimental 3D space modelling technology.

The company plans to make about 4,000 Project Tango-enabled tablets starting next month, according to The Wall Street Journal, equipped with a set of sensors and electronics similar to those in its Project Tango phones: a depth sensor, two cameras, gyroscopes, orientation sensors, and a vision-processing system.”

(via Google Project Tango Tablet: Think 3D - InformationWeek)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes featurette - motion capture. Nice hype video showing motion capture of actors including Andy Serkis. Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

Beastie Boys video ‘Sabotage’ turned into an illustrated vintage comic book by Derek Langille. Wicked.

Source: rubbishcorp:

Created shortly after the death of Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch in 2012, Canadian illustrator Derek Langille turned the hip-hop trio’s much-loved “Sabotage” video into vintage Marvel Comics-style comic book pages. The seven-page tribute includes a ripped front cover and back page ad featuring a photo of the late-rapper.


Watchdogs - City Hack. Promo for Playstation game coming out next week. Skeptical as to whether the ‘customers’ aren’t actors but pretty cool anyway.

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