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Me Como.
It's Portuguese for 'Me Like'.
I'm in advertising (who isn't) and this is an archive of creativity to inspire me in work and life.


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White Men Wearing Google Glass. New Tumblr showcasing white guys get their geek on with Google Glass. Lol.

(via whitemenwearinggoogleglass)

Google - how it feels through glass. A bit too high tech for my brain.


Best website I have seen this year!!! then again its Google… Absolutely awesome

Google - Ingress. Interesting new real world game from Google. Join a faction and locate portals or something. Hi tech LARPing anyone?

Google fiber. Internet go fast!

Google input tools video. Beautifully animated.

Google Project Re:Brief - Volvo. Really interesting project by Google looking back at classic advertising and interpreting them with the latest advertising tools and tech. They also look at Coke, Avis and Alka-Seltzer.

Google - project glass. Interesting take on where the future of mobile communication and connectivity is heading. Who needs Siri when you can talk to your glasses (like some wierdo).


New Chromebook commercial


Google Maps - start here. Nice browser based showcase of existing and new features of Google Maps.Very well presented.


After releasing their digital freestyle machines, Coca-Cola is now experiementing with NFC.

“This latest partnership allows users with an NFC-enabled Google Android phone make purchases simply by tapping their phone against the payment device. Coca-Cola is piloting this program with Google on over 200 vending machines.”

(via Coca-Cola Launches Mobile Payment System | ANidea – powered by the minds at AgencyNet)


Online Checkout in Real life -  very funny Google analytics ad.


Pretty cool Google Chrome experiment Balls

Google Chrome - Angry Birds. HA!

Google Chrome - Mom and Pop. A few Google ads I’ve seen recently have a feel good vibe about them, to the point where they can get a bit of flak over them. I think they’re kinda nice.


Who says business advertising needs to be crap? The new google Chrome Mom and Pop ad from the guys at GOOD/Corps, Los Angeles.

(via stepa)

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