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It's Portuguese for 'Me Like'.
I'm in advertising (who isn't) and this is an archive of creativity to inspire me in work and life.


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Coke - AHH website. Not sure how to describe this site but it’s worth a look.

Source: rubbishcorp:

More (very well made) Coke web things.

Coca Cola - Grandpa. Another ad reinforcing the mantra ‘if you’re not drinking Coke you’re not happy’, this time recruiting grandad.

Coca-Cola - Security Cameras. Nice feel good vid about the more positive things captured on security cameras. Part of the Coke ‘spread happiness’ campaign. Is it just me or are Coke trying to own happiness?



Coca-Cola: Santa surprises passengers of a commercial flight

When you’re @CocaCola it’s easy. Spread fun and joy.


After releasing their digital freestyle machines, Coca-Cola is now experiementing with NFC.

“This latest partnership allows users with an NFC-enabled Google Android phone make purchases simply by tapping their phone against the payment device. Coca-Cola is piloting this program with Google on over 200 vending machines.”

(via Coca-Cola Launches Mobile Payment System | ANidea – powered by the minds at AgencyNet)

Video. Coca Cola - Santas forgotten letters. Santa delivering presents from lost letters written 40 years ago. It’s a nice piece but goes a bit over the top in sweetness.

When I was 5 I wished Santa would bring me Coca Cola that still had cocaine in it.

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