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Me Como.
It's Portuguese for 'Me Like'.
I'm in advertising (who isn't) and this is an archive of creativity to inspire me in work and life.


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British Airways - #lookup. Digital billboard with child that points at real planes flying overhead while the billboard displays flight details. Techy.

Sail by Awolnation. Tesla coil music. Nice.

Technology getting all technological. Amazing software that can extract editable 3D objects from a photo.

Source: laughingsquid

Sounds of Honda - Ayrton Senna 1989. Honda magically relives Sennas 1989 record breaking qualifying lap. Well done Honda.

Telstra - our connected future. A window into the future like the Corning a day made of glass series.

90 year old lady tries out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Super exciting tech. Shows the potential beyond gaming.

Source: laughingsquid


What It’s Like to Play ‘Team Fortress 2′ on the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Google - how it feels through glass. A bit too high tech for my brain.

Lockitron. Deadbolt keyless entry with your mobile. Interesting start-up tech available for pre-order now.

Source: stepa

AnyTouch, a tactile objects prototype. New innovations in motion sensing technology by Digitas Labs Paris and Ayotle. I think the tech behind the Leap is ahead of the game here with its product close to consumer ready (I’ve got one pre-ordered).

(via helloyoucreatives)

MPS - Building Presentation from White Kanga on Vimeo.

White Kanga. Interactive, robotic, 3D mapping. I don’t know how this is done but it’s damn impressive.

Source: videovault

The Leap. Control your computer with your finger and hand movement. Impressive ‘Minority Report’ like tech hitting the market at the end of this year. 

Scalado Rewind - take a group then change parts to get the best shot of everyone.

Source: helloyoucreatives

Arqball Spin on Kickstarter. An app that creates photorealistic 3D models with your iPhone with the help of a rotating platforms. They’re now on kickstarter looking to fund production of their platforms. I’ve jumped on board with an $85 pledge. First time I’ve made a pledge, feels good to help reward someones ingenuity (for stuff of course).

Google - project glass. Interesting take on where the future of mobile communication and connectivity is heading. Who needs Siri when you can talk to your glasses (like some wierdo).

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